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Voltec Maintenance - Townsville Fire & Electrical Business Serving Townsville Locals.
Fire Protection, Test & Tag, RCD Testing, Exit Light Testing & Electrical Repairs.

Voltec Maintenance

An Electrical & Fire Business with a passion for getting preventative maintenance right.

Voltec Maintenance is a preventative maintenance company based in Townsville, servicing Townsville, Charters Towers and Mt Isa. Our business focuses on Fire Protection and Test & Tag. 

Tested Cables

Electrical Testing Services, Electrical Maintenance
& Mobile Test and Tag Service

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) - Test and Tag Townsville

The mobile test and tag service (electrical testing) performed by our technicians in Townsville can be split into two main categories of hostile and non-hostile.

An electrical testing interval is determined by the environment that the appliance is normally exposed to. The more hostile the environment, the sooner PAT testing will be required. This is why it is important to have a qualified electrician conduct your appliance electrical testing. As a business, we pride ourselves on effectively communicating the standard required by law, and in turn helping the customer. We offer PAT testing with our mobile test and tag service.

PAT Testing

RCD Testing Services - PAT Testing

A lot of large franchises will tell you that you don’t need an electrician to perform RCD and portable appliance testing (PAT Testing).

This belief is equivalent to going to McDonalds and ordering a salad. It is doable, but it isn’t a realistic scenario. For the most part, RCD’s require Load or injection testing on an annual basis as there are lighting circuits that need to be properly tripped. As we are qualified electricians, we can perform an injection test and genuinely trip these circuits, ensuring the safety of you and your employees. Those large franchisees who would tell you this is not necessary, will simply push a button to test these circuits. Usually, they will not even distinguish if it genuinely is a power circuit, thereby putting it down to a lighting circuit, endangering the health and safety of your workplace and staff. This is why it is so important to have a qualified electrician perform your RCD testing services and PAT testing.

RCD Testing 1
RCD Testing
RCD Testing 2

Combine your test and tag Townsville with Fire Protection and appliance testing

Why the Fire?

You may wonder why an electrical business in north Queensland also completes testing on Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses and Fire Blankets. The answer is simple, convenience for our clients. Examples of our multisite clients where they were organising several businesses to come into all their branches over North Queensland to perform the Fire Inspections, then they would have another guy coming in doing test and tag Townsville (appliance testing). Then finally they would have another guy come in and perform RCD testing and Emergency Exit Light testing.

Fire Extinguishers
Test and Tag Townsville

Why choose Voltec Maintenance for your PAT testing or test and tag Townsville?

On top of this interval-based testing (which we take full ownership of), we will email you 4 weeks prior to testing with a calendar invitation to remind you to rebook with us. This allows for a seamless approach, to ensure your testing is conducted on time. We also take full ownership of faults and any required rectification. It would be true to say that there are several companies out there who attempt to provide the services of Fire Equipment testing, Test and Tag Townsville, Exit Light Testing and RCD Testing. However, there are not many companies out there who offer all these services across north Queensland, combined with the full fault rectification service like us.

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