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Electrical Thermal Imaging

Electrical Thermal Imaging Services at Voltec Maintenance

Are you sure that the electrical components within your switchboards and infrastructure are operating at optimal temperatures? Has your company undergone recent maintenance or testing to ensure its reliability?

Welcome to Voltec Maintenance Pty Ltd, a leading name for top-tier Electrical Thermal Imaging Services in Townsville. Our skilled thermal electrical safety inspections can pinpoint areas of concern like overheating of components, loose connections, or overloaded circuits, indicating proactive maintenance and risk remediation.

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What Is Electrical Thermal Imaging?

Electrical thermal imaging is a progressive technology utilised to determine potential problems within electrical systems early by capturing infrared images of electrical equipment and components. These images ultimately reveal temperature variations, possible malfunctions or failures, and deteriorating components before they fail completely. 

At Voltec Maintenance, we excel in electrical thermal imaging services and deliver extensive assessments of your electrical infrastructure. By finding potential hazards early on, we assure you don’t have to deal with costly downtimes, failures in equipment, and more. We leverage our expertise in electrical thermal imaging and empower businesses to take foreseeing measures to maintain their electrical infrastructure and comply with industry standards.  

What Is Electrical Thermal Imaging?

The Voltec Maintenance Process for Thermal Imaging

  • Assessment: Starting with an all-around assessment of your electrical systems, we identify critical areas affirming thermal imaging inspection.

  • Imaging: Operating with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, we capture meticulous images of your equipment and components, revealing temperature differentials or likely faults that could indicate probable issues.

  • Analysis: Our qualified team meticulously analyses the thermal images, specifying any abnormalities or probable hazards lurking within your electrical system.

  • Reporting: Following analysis, we bring a comprehensive report detailing our determinations, accompanied by actionable suggestions for corrective measures to preserve the reliability and safety of your electrical infrastructure.

  • Action: Collaborating closely with you, we prioritise implementing required repairs or maintenance measures summarised in the report, ensuring your systems remain in perfect shape.

The Voltec Maintenance Process for Thermal Imaging

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What Do Our Thermal Assessment Services Include? 

Electrical Thermal Imaging is an additional tool to the thermal assessment of your home/building. Thermograms can detect the heat created by excessive friction, abnormal heat loss in the building, abnormally hot electrical wiring/components/connections, defects in thermal insulation, and anything that has the potential to cause fire.

We use thermal imaging to assess and lead the preventive maintenance services primarily. Using highly advanced thermal devices makes detecting electrical faults easier through switchboard and panelboard thermal imaging assessments.

  • Thermal imaging switchboards survey even when in normal use 

  • Preventive maintenance with the slightest disruption to workflow

  • Cost-effective process for electrical imaging assessment

  • Risk assessment and reduction, considering parameters of the insurance company in case of electrical overheating, faults and fires. 

  • Thermographic scans using the best devices 

  • We specialise in the list of active and passive fire protection services.  

  • Recognize possible equipment/component failure or abnormalities in loading 

  • Avert fire/explosion 

  • Review component integrity 

  • Determine the loading condition  

  • Organising corporate governance, risk and compliance 

  • Enhancing performance, profitability and competitiveness 

What Do Our Thermal Assessment Services Include?

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Why Choose Voltec Maintenance for Electrical Thermal Imaging?

At Voltec Maintenance, we prioritise safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering excellent service and surpassing your expectations. With our Electrical Thermal Imaging services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are in expert hands.

Partner with Voltec Maintenance for professional Electrical Thermal Imaging services, and rest assured that your electrical infrastructure is in capable hands. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and guard your workplace.

Common FAQ's About Electrical Thermal Imaging

Does thermal imaging help see electrical wires?

The process is used to detect a loose connection by finding a hot spot. They may also show defective components that are shorting. They detect loose and frayed wiring. 

Do thermal imaging Cameras help see through walls?

No, Thermal imaging cameras do not see through the surface but help detect surface temperatures. 

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This is the time to improve the safety and reliability of your electrical systems. Thinking about how to start? Let’s chat today. Our team of experienced technicians are happy to assist you with Electrical Thermal Imaging assessment.

Apart from Electrical Thermal Imaging services, we also specialise in other commercial electrical testing and maintenance such as Electrical Test and Tag Testing, Emergency Exit Light Testing, RCD Testing, and Fire Extinguisher Testing.