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Emergency Exit Light Testing

Emergency Light Testing Services - Voltec Maintenance is your trusted Emergency Exit Light Testing specialist in Townsville

Voltec Maintenance Pty Ltd is a local Townsville company that specialises in emergency light testing and preventative emergency exit light maintenance. We work with businesses from Cairns, The Tablelands, Townsville, and Charters Towers. One of the four main things we do is conduct Emergency Exit light testing in Townsville. 

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Emergency Exit Light Testing

To be compliant with AS/NZS 2293:2005 Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings by law you need to have your Emergency Exit Light system (EEL) tested on a 6-monthly basis.

This Test Consists of a 90-minute discharge test whereby the power to the Emergency Exit Light system is cut off and the EEL system will prove its effectiveness by remaining illuminated for the entire 90-minute period. Our technician will identify all Exit light fittings, utilise the switchboard to commence the testing and periodically check on each of the EEL assets throughout the 90-minute discharge period. 

As we are qualified electricians, we can rectify any faults that are presented in the emergency exit light testing system and leave you compliant in accordance with AS/NZS 2293:2005. 

The Voltec Maintenance Process for Emergency Light Testing

  • Firstly, we will need all exit light fixtures to prepare a quote for you. You have the option to either send us your evacuation diagram or have one of our technicians visit your site. Please note: if you don't have an evacuation plan, we will also provide the creation of this in your quote.

  • Secondly, once you give the go ahead, we will get back to you and organise a date and time to complete your Emergency Exit Light Testing.

  • Thirdly, our technician performs the 90 Minute discharge test and completes all documentation on site pertaining to the maintenance of the Emergency Exit Light system.

  • Fourthly, we will then provide you with an invoice, Certificate of Compliance and data pertaining to your exit light system.

  • Finally, on receipt of payment, we will create a reminder for your next round of testing 3 weeks prior to the emergency light testing due date. You will receive an invite reminding you to book. We do this to make the continued process easy for both parties.

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What our Emergency Exit Light Testing Includes?

  • 90 Minute discharge test – either manual or from circuit breaker
  • Cleaning of exit lights – to ensure functionality
  • Replacement of Bulbs and tubes as needed
  • Replacement of diffusers as needed
  • Documenting location and function of exit lights for asset management and compliance
  • A compliance certificate after completion of testing

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Test and Tag services at Voltec Maintenance

To ensure the security of mobile electrical equipment, a procedure known as test and tag is implemented. First, you'll want to look for obvious signs of wear and tear, and then you'll want to plug in the appliance and run it through its electrical paces using a portable appliance tester.

After passing inspection, the item receives a tag indicating its status as tested, the name of the inspector who performed the inspection, the date of the test, and the next scheduled inspection. The main goal of testing and tagging is to reduce the potential for electrical hazards in the workplace and protect the employees who will be using the equipment.

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Common FAQ's Pertaining to Emergency Exit Light Maintenance

When you test my exit lights, will all the lights go off?

The short answer is, no they shouldn't. If they are set up correctly, you should have all of your exit lights sitting on a timer which will be located in your switchboard. Some sites will simply have all their exit lights on a separate circuit to normal lighting. In the situation where all of your lighting, including exit lights are on the same circuit, we can provide two options. The first option being rectification of this fault and the installation of an exit light timer. The second option being, out of hours emergency exit light testing to ensure there is no disruption to your site.  

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What is the purpose of having an exit light system?

If the building experiences a full power shut down, parts of the premises that do not receive good amounts of natural light will not be safe. This is due to surrounding obstacles, such as desks and other items that become hazards. If you have staff who use your premises at night time or simply working past 5pm, this risk is elevated greatly. The installation and maintenance of Exit Light systems ensure all employees can safely exit the building in an emergency. Failure to provide a safe workplace, especially in an emergency; can result of heavy-handed legal actions from the governing bodies and potentially civil lawsuits from injured personal.  

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In addition to general emergency exit light testing and maintenance, we are specialised in commercial electrical services. Are you looking for a commercial electrician? Learn more about our Electrical Test and Tag Testing, RCD Testing, or Fire Extinguisher Testing.

Did you know that Voltec Maintenance is an experienced Electrical business in Townsville. Learn more about Voltec Maintenance.