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Test & Tag

Your trusted test & tag electrician in Townsville – Learn more about our electrical test & tag services, test and tag colours, electrical tagging and more!

Voltec Maintenance is a local Townsville business. Unlike national businesses, we actually understand the state legislation pertaining to Test & Tag. We can offer you our services for electrical test and tag, electrical tagging, appliance test tag and more!

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What is Test & Tag?

Test and tag is the process of checking how safe an electrical appliance is. All workplaces throughout Australia must be able to demonstrate and ensure the safety of their work systems in order to comply with workplace health and safety legislation. This process consists of a detailed visual inspection for damages to components of the electronic devices. If assured it is safe to inspect electrically, electronic components such as insulation, polarity and earthing may be inspected. Ensuring that you get your test and tag, electrical tagging and appliance tagging done by a trusted professional will make being compliant with these regulations an easy process!

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What Electrical Test and Tag Services can Voltec Maintenance offer you?

When conducting Test and Tag, we believe a simple and straight forward approach is best. Here is our test and tag 6-step process:

  • We provide you with a quote based on the information given to us. (We guarantee that we are providing the most cost-effective approach in accordance with the QLD regulation AS/NZS 3760).

  • You review the quote and the make decision to go ahead.

  • We will get back in touch and arrange a time and day.
  • Our qualified tradesman will come to the site, complete the testing and electrical tagging, and get your site compliant.
  • We compile data from tests and send it to you in an excel file, along with your invoice and certificate of compliance.
  • Upon payment of the invoice, you will receive a calendar invite for a reminder 3 weeks prior to your next test and tag round. This allows for easy rebooking and peace of mind.
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What Do The Test and Tag Colours Represent?

Test and tag colours are used for particular industries to represent the different months of the year. This means, anyone working in construction, mining or demolition are required to adhere to the AS/NZS 3012 guidelines. Anyone who is not in those specific industries are not required to use specific electrical test and tag colours. However, if you often work in both construction sites and office environments, it may be easier to practice the same rules and utilise the test and tag colours.

The electrical test and tag colours come in tri-monthly intervals. For the construction, mining and demolition sites, the following tags apply:

  • Red: December, January, February
  • Green: March, April, May
  • Blue: June, July, August
  • Yellow: September, October, November
Therefore, in these environments, electrical equipment must be tested at least once every three months.
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Choose Voltec Maintenance as your electrical test and tag electrician in Townsville

The Voltec Maintenance Difference (EFM)
  • Educate – We will educate you, as to your requirements, thinking from your shoes, in order to provide the most cost-effective solution.

  • Facilitate – We will perform the testing and get your site compliant in accordance with QLD OH&S requirements with correct, up to date test and tag colours.

  • Maintain – We take ownership of your requirements and remind you of when your next electrical test and tag is due again, prompting you to rebook our services.

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What makes our electrical test and tag services different amongst all electricians in Townsville?

The Voltec Maintenance Promise
  • We guarantee that we will leave your site compliant with OH&S Requirements.

  • We will ensure your environment is safe for your staff and clients.

  • We guarantee simple and straight forward reporting.

  • We take ownership and remind you when you are due for electrical tagging renewals.

  • We service Townsville, Cairns, The Tablelands and Charters Towers.

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We Provide Detailed Service Reports

With each visit, expect an updated on-site report detailing the number of appliances tested, failures, and their locations. You'll find precise information about the location of each faulty appliance, along with a clear explanation of the identified issue and recommended actions. Additionally, each appliance tag features a unique number, facilitating streamlined auditing processes for your peace of mind.

How often should I get electrical tagging done?

What intervals should my equipment have an electrical test and tag inspection?

Construction Items - Primary Testing Interval of 3 Months

Things to consider

  • In construction tags are subject to a hostile environment. It's worth getting protective covers on your tags.

  • Identify what items are actually in the "construction" category. You may find a closer look into this might change your testing from 60 items every 3 months to 20 items every 3 months and 40 items every 12 months. For example, a battery charger for a drill that sits plugged in is not every 3 months, but a jackhammer that gets taken to site is.

  • We guarantee that we provide the most cost-effective method to approaching your Test & Tag requirements – this makes getting your regular test and tag simple and affordable.

Office Environment - Primary Test & Tag Interval of 5 Years and Secondary Testing Interval of 12 Months

Things to consider
  • Most buildings have RCD protection. This protection enables you to have items such as computers and monitors go through test & tag at 5 yearly intervals.

  • In an office environment, kitchens with heating elements such as toasters and sandwich makers, should undergo appliance test tag at a 12-monthly interval.

  • Other office items should be included in 12 monthly Testing. This includes power boards and extension leads that are moved around or plugged into frequently.

Retail Environment - Primary Test & Tag Interval of 12 Months and a Secondary Testing Interval of 5 years

Things to consider
  • If RCD protection is present, cash register and counter areas should have their test & tag done at a 5-year interval contrary to what a lot of national test & tag companies do (QLD only). You will benefit from this in two main ways: disruption for further testing will be minimised, as point of sale will not have to be shut down, and the reoccurring cost element will be greatly reduced.

  • Back Office Kitchen area, with items such as toasters and sandwich presses, should be tested at 12-month intervals. If you have a shop with approximately 100 items in QLD, you should see approximately 30% of your testing conducted annually, and 70% of your testing conducted 5-yearly.

Physio's, Chiros and Beauty Salons - Primary Test & Tag Interval of 12 months and Secondary Test & Tag Interval of 5 Years

Things to consider
  • Electrical beds should be undergo test and tag at a 12 monthly interval and tags should be displayed clearly.

  • Cash register/Counter and computers in offices – Providing you have RCD protection, this should be tested at a 5-yearly interval.

  • Kitchen area (items such as: fridge, toaster and kettle) should have appliance test tag done at a 12-monthly interval.

Workshop & Warehouses - Primary Test & Tag Interval of 6 & 12 Months

Things to consider
  • In this environment two main categories have been identified. Items that are double insulated are tested at a 12-monthly interval. Items that are not double insulated are tested at a 6-monthly interval.

  • Most warehouses have an office and if protected by an RCD should be completed at a 5-yearly interval.

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