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Your One-Stop Shop for Test and Tag Services & Fire Equipment Testing

Posted: July 01, 2022

Test and tag services – Why is it important?

Test and Tag services are an essential part of all business maintenance plans. This process ensures that all tools and appliances that your employees come across are safe to use and can help minimise the risk of electrical hazards. It can pick up any maintenance or repairs required that are not visible to the naked eye reducing the likelihood of equipment failure or accidents.  There are different test and tag intervals required for each industry – let Voltec Maintenance take care of it for you with their test and tag services in Townsville and test and tag Cairns. 

Looking for test and tag near me? Contact the team at Voltec Maintenance, a One-Stop Shop for all your test and tag services. 

Fire Equipment Testing – Is your equipment functioning?

Fire equipment testing is another essential component of your business maintenance plan. It should be done regularly – usually at the same time of your test and tag intervals. According to, 95% of Fires in the workplace are extinguishable so ensuring that they are well maintained and that your staff know how to use them correctly is extremely important. All your safety equipment needs to be in top shape for use in emergency situations: 

  • Is your fire blanket in working order?  
  • Do you have enough of the correct fire extinguishers to be compliant?  
  • Are your fire hoses placed correctly and working well? 
  • Do you have safe paths of travel to the fire doors? 
  • Do your staff know which extinguisher to use for each type of fire? 

Our Fire Technicians will be able to accurately install, maintain and service in accordance with your requirements.  We offer fire extinguisher testing, fire blanket testing, and fire protection testing, as well as a wide range of maintenance services. We provide test and tag services and fire equipment testing all across Townsville and Cairns. 

Do you want a company that can do “test and tag near me?” We can! Contact us today for a free quote on your maintenance plan or new installation. 

Why have a One-Stop Shop for all your test and tag services and fire equipment testing?

Having a single company responsible for both your test and tag services and fire equipment testing means your business maintenance plan will run smoothly and efficiently. Let us take the headache out of planning your fire equipment testing and test and tag intervals. It also means less interruption to your business as we can take care of it all in one go! We can even create and update your Fire Evacuation Diagrams.  We are a local Townsville business that specialises in preventative maintenance. Part of our commitment to this is our capability to provide fire equipment testing Services here in Townsville and we also do test and tag in Cairns.  

Contact us today! Your One-Stop Shop for test and tag services and fire equipment testing.