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New Fire Protection Framework – QBCC Licence Changes

Posted: April 28, 2021

A new, streamlined, fire protection licensing framework will commence from 1 May 2021. The new framework is industry-led and is based on extensive consultation across industry and government. The changes will assist with improving standards of fire protection work by ensuring licensees have the correct competencies and skills. They will also reduce administrative load by simplifying the number of fire protection licence classes and clarifying the work that licensees can perform.

What Is The QBCC?

QBCC stands for Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The QBCC supports the Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of appropriate building standards and solutions for defective building work.

Who Needs A QBCC Licence?

If you are overseeing work that involves plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, pest control or fire protection, you need a QBCC licence regardless of the value of the work. The scope of work for each QBCC licence class outlines the range of building work for that class. The building work you do must be covered by your licence. For some work, you may need more than one licence class.

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What is the New QBCC Fire Protection Framework?

The new Fire Protection Framework introduces:

  • Five specific streams of fire protection licences  
  • New design classes 
  • Changes to the fire safety professional licence class
  • Changes to ‘fire protection work’ regulated by the QBCC 
  • Changes of scope of work for transitioning licence classes

What Are the Five New Fire Streams?

The new fire protection licensing framework introduces five fire system streams which groups existing licence classes with similar functions and types of work. Existing licensees should be mindful of the changes to their scope of work for some transitioning classes. In some instances, it is essential for licensees to apply for additional licence classes to be authorised to perform their current scope of work in full.

fire licence streams classes types

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Why Are These Changes to The QBCC Licensing Being Introduced?

Providing high quality fire protection standards is crucial to ensuring the safety of building occupants. When fire protection equipment is incorrectly installed, maintained or tested, there can be tragic consequences. Therefore, the key reason a fire protection licence is needed if a person contracts for, supervises or personally carries out fire protection work in Queensland regardless of the value of the work. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) regulates the licensing framework for fire protection work.

Who Will Be Affected by These QBCC Licence Changes?

These changes will greatly change the way fire licences are granted. Those who currently hold Nominee Supervisor classes will be grandfathered in. However, those who are seeking to gain new qualifications to their license will have to go through the new QBCC guidelines.

It’s important to consider the current scope of work under your QBCC licence and the scope of work that will apply to you under the new model. As of 1 May 2021, licensees will be subject to the scope of work specified under the new licence class, which could mean the work they are permitted to carry out may change. At Voltec Maintenance, we conduct fire protection equipment testing and will be following all advice given by the QBCC.

For more information about the new Fire Protection Framework, check out QBCC’s website.