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5 Reasons Test & Tag Services Are Important

Posted: April 16, 2021

Electrical testing is the process of testing and inspecting all electrical equipment to ensure the personal safety of its users. Almost every workplace uses a wide variety of electrical equipment throughout the day. Whether it’s your data and communication setup, your dishwasher, your power tools or your heating and cooling systems, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the equipment you use is safe. Testing and tagging your electrical equipment is a key part of a well-rounded risk management plan for business owners looking to improve their electrical safety. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs test and tag services:

1. Reduce downtime

Well-planned scheduled electrical maintenance is key to a smooth-running business, as it could lower the risk of your electrical system and electricity-powered appliances experiencing glitches. Everything from your surveillance cameras and security systems, to your smart lighting and computer servers rely on electricity. Your electrician could prevent or minimise downtime, data loss, and lost revenue by ensuring your electrical infrastructure and assets are well maintained.

2. Maintain a safe work environment

Electrical hazards are as high up on the list of dangers in the workplace. Not only can poor maintenance and broken electrical devices lead to electric shocks, a tattered wire or overloaded fuse can also lead to harmful electrical fires. The test and tag process involves inspecting electrical appliances and equipment that are in the workplace. After the inspection, the technician will place a test tag on any equipment tested. The tag has the results of the test: who performed the test, the date the test was performed, and when the equipment needs to be retested. A log of all test results and findings is also provided to the employer. Electrical maintenance also ensures that the company is in compliance with present safety regulations.

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3. Reduce the risks of penalties

Employers that use regular testing and tagging services comply with the safety standards for Australia. In the unfortunate event where electrical equipment malfunctions, the company can be held liable to fines and penalties if they have failed to follow the inspection and tagging procedures. Electrical safety laws are in place to protect everyone in the vicinity of electrical devices, appliances and other equipment.

4. Increases maintenance efficiency

Testing and tagging ensures your electrical equipment is safe and any faults can be identified before they require major repairs. As a result, your equipment will perform in an optimal manner without delaying your normal business activities. In addition, this helps you identify issues when they can be easily and cost-effectively repaired. This process saves you money and can lengthen the life of your electrical equipment as a bonus.

5. Get the most out of your electrical equipment

Regular maintenance raises the chances you’ll be able to catch any electrical issues before they turn into major problems and end up damaging equipment and appliances. Having well-maintained equipment also tends to have a longer life cycle, which will also help you save on replacement and repair costs.

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How Often Should Appliances Be Tested and Tagged?

AS/NZS 3760 recommends particular test and tag frequencies based on the type of environment the appliance resides in. Sometimes, this might differ depending on a workplace’s individual risk assessment. 

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How Can Voltec Maintenance Help you with your Electrical Maintenance?

An appropriate plan for scheduled electrical maintenance specific to your office or worksite’s requirements can drive your business forward. You could avoid or minimise the risk of costly breakdowns and business interruptions while protecting your staff from serious hazards like electric shock and fires. The best maintenance schedules incorporate preventative measures to optimise electrical components and equipment, as well as timely repairs where necessary. Testing and tagging is extremely important for any employer, which is why it is a service that should only be performed by a trusted expert. 

We understand that proactively maintaining the highest of safety standards for everyone at work is not always easy. However, injuries at the workplace can be avoidable. That’s where our team come in to help! Testing and tagging and regularly informing employees about the standards to be followed can keep your workplace safe.

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