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Electrical Testing and Retesting – Commonly Asked Questions

Posted: August 10, 2021

Test and Tag is the process of inspecting the electrical safety of portable electrical devices and equipment. The inspection process involves two steps: Firstly, the equipment must be visually inspected for signs of damage or wear and tear. Then, electrical testing is conducted. Secondly, after testing the equipment is tagged. This confirms that the appliance was tested, test date and the next test date. 

1. Do You Provide Electrical Maintenance Reporting for Everything Tested?

Testing and tagging involves more than just putting a tag on a lead. It is a detailed procedure where every step is important. At Voltec Maintenance, we provide detailed electrical maintenance reporting of the location down to specific room the fault occurred. Upon completion of the test and tag process, our team will provide your invoice, a certificate of compliance and a comprehensive digital report. The electrical maintenance report will satisfy all the requirements of AS/NZS 3760:2010 and include:

  • A register of electrical equipment;
  • Records of formal inspection and tests; and
  • A record of all faulty equipment showing details of services or corrective actions. 

Furthermore, our team will have the electrical maintenance report sent to you the same day testing is completed.

2. Does Voltec Maintenance Have Test and Tag Insurance?

Yes, at Voltec Maintenance, we hold a test and tag insurance policy that meets the requirements of Section 51 of the ES Regulation. As well as being licensed electricians, we are also registered under the QBCC, have a registered Electrical Contractors Licence. Before getting electrical work completed, you should always check that your electrician is licensed.

Want to learn more about our test and tag insurance? Contact our licensed electricians today.

3. Do You Provide After-hours Electrical Testing?

Yes, we provide after-hours electrical testing to cater for your needs. We appreciate that the testing and tagging process may cause disruption to a workplace. For this reason, we will always work with the client to ensure minimal disruption. This means testing certain items during staff breaks or arranging to perform the testing outside of our standard working hours.

Want to book in for after-hours electrical testing? Contact us today.

4. What is Your Test and Tag Service Duration?

A visual inspection of the appliance takes place first which in turn helps the technician to assess which electrical test needs to be performed. Some appliances have to go through several tests prior to being labelled as safe and acceptable. The test and tag service duration depends on the specific appliance being tested. However, our team will generally take a full day in an environment where items are readily accessible on site. In this time, approximately 150-200 items will be tested.

Need more information about test and tag service duration? Call us on 0438 214 425.

5. What Happens If an Item Fails Test and Tagging?

Every so often, an item will fail and there is a responsibility from the technician to report the defective item and tag it accordingly. We will place an ‘out of service’ tag on the item then take a photo as proof. Depending on the fault, the item will be withdrawn from use and a quote will be provided for further testing or repairs. At Voltec Maintenance, we also take full ownership of faults and required rectification. There are several companies out there who attempt to provide the services or Fire, Test and Tag, Exit Light Testing and RCD Testing. However, there are not many companies out there who offer all of these services, as well as the full fault rectification service like us.

Want to know more about the importance of testing and tagging and electrical retesting? Read our recent blog.

6. How Often Do I need Electrical Retesting?

Under the AS/NZS 3760 legislation, there are minimum time requirements for testing and tagging your equipment. Following our testing, we will provide complimentary reminders and calendar invites to let you know when your equipment is due for electrical retesting. Please see the below table of recommended frequencies.


Type of work and/or equipment

Test and tag interval (maximum)

Amusement devices and rides (not specified) – A device or ride supplied by a plug with a current rating of not more than 20 amps must also be connected to a type 1 safety switch or type 2 safety switch

After each onsite assembly, and every 6 months

Amusement work – double insulated specified equipment

12 months

Amusement work – specified equipment not double insulated

6 months

Construction work – transportable structures, fixed and transportable equipment and construction wiring

6 months

Construction work – other equipment

3 months

Manufacturing work – double insulated equipment

12 months

Manufacturing work – equipment not double insulated

6 months

Office work (if no safety switch)

5 years

Rural work – equipment used under stated risk factors* and no safety switch

12 months

Service work (if no safety switch)

12 months

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Importance of testing electrical equipment

Under Queensland legislation, if you’re an employer, you must comply with workplace health and safety guidelines. This means ensuring all of your electrical equipment is in a safe working condition. Unfortunately, electrical equipment can wear and tear with time. Testing and Tagging is part of a systemic safety planning for your business. Therefore, you must manage any safety risks surrounding electrical hazards, in accordance with the requirements of the OHS and WHS Acts and regulations.

Why choose Voltec Maintenance for your testing and tagging?

Our electrical testing and retesting services not only provide convenience for our customers, but also peace of mind that the job will be completed at a high-quality standard. At Voltec Maintenance, we promise the following:

  • We guarantee that we will leave your site compliant within OH&S requirements.
  • We will ensure that your environment is safe for your staff and clients.
  • We guarantee simple and straight forward electrical maintenance reporting.
  • We take ownership and remind you, when you are due for electrical tagging renewals.
  • We service Townsville, Cairns, The Tablelands and Charters Towers areas.

Want to learn more about our test and tag services? Visit our website or contact us.