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Why Choose Voltec Maintenance for Fire Protection Testing?

Posted: May 02, 2024

Fire safety is paramount, whether it is for your home or business. Safeguarding your loved ones and livelihood against the threat of fire requires a meticulous approach. That is where Voltec Maintenance steps in, offering expertise in fire protection services that go beyond the ordinary. 

At Voltec Maintenance, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled satisfaction to all our clients. What sets us apart in Townsville's fire protection landscape? The answer lies in our meticulously crafted process. In this blog we will look at why you should choose Voltec Maintenance for Fire Protection Services.

Let’s start with understanding why getting fire equipment Fire Equipment Tested is crucial.  

A fire extinguisher is the first line of defence and crucial for safeguarding both lives and businesses in the event of a fire. Ensuring this essential piece of equipment functions correctly when needed, and remains up to date, can sometimes be challenging due to frequent legislation and compliancy rule changes. As expert Industrial Electrical Contractors in fire protection testing, we stay current with all the Australian workplace safety standards, ensuring your property and business remain compliant with fire equipment testing requirements. 

Fire Equipment Testing and inspection are vital to ensuring you and your employees are prepared for a fire emergency, enabling swift responses that can help reduce property damage, avoid injuries, and, most importantly, save lives. 

At Voltec Maintenance, we prioritize quality fire testing services, including the development of an evacuation plan tailored to your needs. Reach us for more information and let us help you ensure the safety and security of your premises. 

The Process That Goes Beyond Perfection  

Firstly, we start by assessing the fire assets on your premises. This can be carried out either through a site visit by one of our fire technicians or by providing us with an evacuation diagram. 

Following this assessment, we provide a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific fire servicing needs, including any necessary replacements or installations. 

Upon your approval, we schedule a visit from our Fire Technician to ensure compliance with Fire Safety Standard Guidelines. During this site visit, our technician conducts thorough testing and meticulously records data pertaining to all your fire assets. 

Once testing is complete, we compile the data and furnish you with copies of your Fire Safety Metrics and Certificate of Compliance. Additionally, we provide recommendations for any required changes in line with current Australian standards. Furthermore, we set up a calendar reminder for one month before your next testing, ensuring seamless scheduling and peace of mind. 

Voltec Maintenance offers reliable Fire Testing Services in Townsville and Cairns, encompassing maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hoses, fire evacuation diagrams, fire evacuation plans, fire doors, and paths of travel – fire doors. 

Understanding the importance of fire safety equipment, we ensure that each item is meticulously tested and maintained. For instance, fire extinguishers are recommended at a rate of one for every 15 meters of floor space, with considerations for varying environments. Similarly, fire blanket testing is crucial for immediate accessibility and safe use during emergencies. 

In addition to fire equipment testing, we specialize in electrical safety services, including test & tag services, RCD testing, and emergency light testing. 

Choose Voltec Maintenance for comprehensive fire protection testing and services, ensuring the safety and security of your home or business. Reach out to us today to learn more.