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We Service North & Outback Queensland | Test and Tag Townsville

Posted: September 24, 2021

Voltec Maintenance is a true north and outback Queensland company based in Townsville. We are a preventative maintenance company who focuses on PAT testing (portable appliance testing), with our four main services, being Test & Tag, Emergency Exit Light Testing, Portable Fire Testing and RCD Testing. Unlike most test and tag companies, we travel anywhere in north and outback Queensland to service our clients’ test and tag needs. We service all types of businesses, from small home offices to large multi-site companies. 

Do you have a multisite company who needs test and tag services throughout Queensland? We are the leading test and tag company in Townsville who offers electrical testing in rural outback Queensland. Contact us today for a free quote.

Tagging Electrical Appliances in North and Outback Queensland

Over the last few months, we travelled all over Queensland to complete three multi-site projects. The map below shows some of the locations we've serviced recently. 

Test and Tag Queensland – Client A

Client A was the largest project, consisting of 47 sites throughout Queensland. Since the job was so large, we found it challenging to coordinate testing on all sites. However, we managed to effectively schedule the multi-site project within a 4-week period. While undertaking testing, we completed a Site Safety Survey for all sites. Each report included 8-15 images that showed the state of the site. The main objective of this project was to get all sites up to date to ensure safety. Upon completion, all sites were left compliant and safe for workers. We received great feedback from the client, and they were very happy with our test and tag services.
Want to learn more about test and tag in Queensland? Visit our website.

Tagging Electrical Appliances from Cairns to Mackay – Client B

Client B came to us wanting a standard of quality testing completed. They had 16 sites in need of electrical testing from Cairns through to Mackay. We like to ensure that any travel costs are kept to a minimum, so we managed our schedule efficiently to complete work for other clients simultaneously. Client B was very happy with the testing and was relieved that we send through calendar invites to the business and site contacts for the next round of testing. We understand that running your business is your focus, so you can count on us to ensure your sites stay compliant. When you choose Voltec Maintenance, you get fire protection testing and test and tag services all done in one visit. We are your one-stop-shop for multisite testing. 

Electrical testing in Rural Outback Queensland – Client C

Client C was a small client in rural outback Queensland who needed test and tag services completed. They didn’t have a huge budget but realise the importance of conducting electrical testing to ensure a safe environment for their staff and customers. We serviced their site while servicing other clients in the area to reduce travel costs. The client was very happy with our work and now has a compliant site that is safe for all who enters the premises.


What Is the Process of Multi-Site Testing?

During the planning process, our electricians focus on getting the right details from you. Factors such as when, where, and the number of appliances being serviced will influence the scope of the job. When conducting multi-site testing, we will ask for a list of sites and schedule the project accordingly to ensure travel costs and time is considered.
Do you need electrical testing in rural outback Queensland? We offer test and tag services throughout most of Queensland. Contact us today.

Why Choose Voltec Maintenance Over Other Test and Tag Companies?

Whether you are a large, multi-site organisation with thousands of devices and appliances, or a small business looking for guidance on what your responsibilities are, our client-focused methods, systems and reports are designed to make compliance straightforward and painless. At Voltec Maintenance, we make safety compliance easy. Our team is committed to ensuring you are supported at the highest standards with your legislative compliance. Our qualified electricians provide a professional test and tag service that includes a full electrical assessment of all your appliances. If any electrical faults are identified, they can be rectified immediately.

Did you know that we offer test & tag in Hughenden, Kurumba and Tolga among many other locations? If you’re unsure of where we travel to, contact us today.  

When you choose Voltec Maintenance, we guarantee:

  • Reliability – Our Townsville electricians will arrive on time and carry out their service with minimal interruptions.
  • Quality – All services are logged for accuracy to ensure a maintenance schedule can be created.
  • Safety – After providing a testing and tagging service, your appliances will be safety compliant.

Want to learn more about what we can offer for multi-site test and tag projects in Townsville? Contact us today!