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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Exit Lights

Posted: June 25, 2024

When it comes to keeping any business or commercial property safe, the first thing that comes up is having perfectly working exit lights in place. 

Exit lights, being a crucial component, ensure the safety and security of everyone within the premises. They direct occupants to safety throughout emergencies and power outages. However, like all other safety equipment, exit lights have a restricted lifespan and require regular maintenance and timely replacement or upgradation to perform effectively.

Here are 4 signs that say it's time to replace or upgrade your space’s exit lights. 

1. When Lights seem Flickering or Dim

No wonder, one of the most apparent signs to replace your exit lights is if they start flickering or get dim. Exit lights must provide consistent and bright ways in all conditions, especially during emergencies. Flickering or dim lights can be caused by several issues, including worn-out bulbs, faulty wiring, or failing batteries. If you find any such problems, it’s vital to reach experts for Emergency Light Testing and to sort it all out immediately. 

2. Failure of Battery

Exit lights are generally equipped with backup batteries to assure they remain operational due to power outages. Regular testing by experts is essential to ensure they are functioning correctly. If your exit lights fail to illuminate during a power cut or the batteries do not hold a charge, it is an accurate sign, and experts can help you get it replaced. Upgrading to fresh models with the help of expert electricians can offer more reliable performance and peace of mind. 

3. Physical Damage or Wear and Tear

Physical damage to exit lights can significantly impair their functionality. This damage can include cracked or broken casings, water damage, or signs of tampering. Even if the lights seem to be working fine, physical damage can compromise their integrity and reliability. Regular Exit and Emergency Light Testing can help you identify signs of wear and tear early on. If you notice any damage, it’s best to call a specialist and replace the affected units promptly.

4. Frequent False Alarms or Malfunctions

If your exit lights are prone to frequent false alarms or malfunctions, this is a strong indication that they need to be replaced. False alarms can be disruptive and cause unnecessary panic, while malfunctions during actual emergencies can be catastrophic. Consistent issues may be due to outdated technology, poor installation, or underlying electrical problems. Upgrading to a newer Electronic Security System or more reliable exit lights can significantly reduce the likelihood of these issues.


Maintaining functional and compliant exit lights is a critical responsibility for any business or commercial property owner. Partnering with us at Voltec Maintenance can help you navigate the complexities of maintaining and upgrading your emergency lighting systems, ensuring you remain compliant with the latest standards and best practices. 

We offer comprehensive Emergency Lighting Maintenance solutions to keep your emergency lighting systems in top condition, ensuring the safety and security of your premises.