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Electrical Appliance Inspection for Laptop Chargers

Posted: January 27, 2022

Laptops come in handy when you’re working on the go, however, because of their portable nature, they’re often susceptible to wear and tear. Staff laptop chargers can often be missed in workplace test and tags, which is quite concerning as they are really portable items and need to be tested frequently to ensure safety. As a general rule, anything that plugs in should be tested routinely. Electrical safety should be a guarantee in every workplace. Our qualified technicians can use test and tag equipment to verify the usability of each unique item.

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Test and tag periods for laptop chargers

Test and tag of electrical items is not just a once off process. Equipment, especially portable items, will suffer from wear and tear and accidents and for these reasons, there are Acts and Regulations in place that require a set test and tag period. The frequency of your electrical test and tag is dependent upon the items being serviced, their location, environment and the risks associated with its use. Since laptop chargers are subject to flex, this requires appliance to be tested and tagged at a 12 monthly frequency.

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How do Voltec Maintenance Test Laptop Chargers? – Electrical Appliance Inspection

Before testing is conducted, a visual inspection of the cable, and plug ends is conducted. Once the test is completed and a pass result is achieved, the cable will be tagged accordingly and the detailed in the report. Our experienced electricians are qualified to test a wide range of electrical equipment in any workplace; from electrical cords to power tools, computers, monitors and laptop chargers, our visual inspection, testing and tagging service will ensure that any and all electrical items are in working order.

Why is appliance test and tag important?

Under Queensland legislation, if you’re an employer, you must comply with workplace health and safety guidelines. This means ensuring all of your electrical equipment is in a safe and working condition. Unfortunately, electrical equipment can wear and tear with time, so testing and tagging is an important part of systemic safety planning for your business. Regularly testing your electrical appliances for faults or damage gives you the peace of mind that your employees are using equipment that is safe and helps to avoid the occurrence of workplace injuries and fires.

Want to learn more about the importance of test n tag and tag? Read our blog. 

Laptop Charger testing

What to expect from Voltec Maintenance electrical testing and tagging service?

We are a team of experts with valuable knowledge, and ensure you are kept up to date with legislation. We’ll provide excellent communication and explanations of the testing and tagging procedure. You’ll be provided with:

  • A qualified, fully insured, and knowledgeable electrician to attend your company premises
  • Your safety obligations as per the QLD standards and how to achieve safety goals easily.
  • Adequately answer all of your electrical safety questions.
  • Discuss and provide you with your workplace testing and tagging timeframes.
  • Complete comprehensive, well-performed testing and tagging.
  • Provide you with a detailed electronic report in compliance with the QLD government safety guidelines
  • Schedule re-testing for your company to remain compliant

Minimising harm in workplaces is our number one priority. Make safety your priority with Voltec Maintenance – your trusted test and tag appliance professionals. Contact Voltec Maintenance, your trusted test and tag near you.