Power Tool Repairs at Voltec Maintenance

Are your power tools underperforming and in need of repairs? Just like everything else, power tools undergo wear and tear. Since they are often susceptible to being abused and heavily used on a worksite, regular inspections are very important. Electric power tools eventually come to the end of their life span. However, there are many common electrical faults that can be rectified to bring your favourite worksite asset to life again. The most important step in keeping your power tools in top working condition is to ensure that they are stored properly, repaired when needed and tested correctly. At Voltec Maintenance, we conduct quality power tool repairs and testing and tagging to improve the life of your equipment.

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Repairs at Voltec Maintenance

Plug Top Repairs

Power tools in harsh environments are subject to damage. In some cases, damaging the lead or the plug top to a certain extent can put the tool out of service. A small nick in the cord can lead to serious malfunction of your tool. In this circumstance, we perform a plug top replacement on the lead if enough cable is remaining to safely operate the tool. This service in the state of QLD can only be performed by a qualified electrician and subsequently requires testing after repair. We utilise quality consumables to perform your repairs and will have your tool looking new and loved again upon completion.

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Lead Replacements – Power Tool Repairs

The lead plays a crucial role of carrying electricity to your tool and is often exposed to the elements which can easily be damaged. While the cable is covered in a protective coating, they are still one of the most vulnerable parts of your tool. Dragging cables along the ground, contact with sharp edges, heat, over flexing and being walked over can all cause damage to your lead. This type of damage leaves the tool out of service or faulty and most of the time cannot be identified with the naked eye. Hence, the importance of regular testing and tagging and power tool repairs is paramount for safety.

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Internal Power Tool Repairs

Electrical connectors and elements inside the tool may come loose and adversely affect the tool from time to time. Replacement or repair of these items can be a make or break for the life of your tool.

Replacement of internal brushes – Lek Tek

One area of your power tool that can often cause problems are the internal brushes. In many instances, internal brushes wear out before the tool does. An indication of wear down is when you may notice performance issues with your power tool. By actively maintaining your power tools, it will make it easier to notice the signs early and allow you to get them replaced quickly. This will also prevent further damage to your motor and your power tool. Additionally, replacement of old brushes will greatly enhance the performance of your tools.

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Our Process for Power Tool Repairs

At Voltec Maintenance, we encourage a regular repair and maintenance program for your power tools to allow us to manage any problems before they happen. Here is our power tool repair process:

Step 1: Diagnosis

We start off with an inspection and diagnosis to determine the condition of the power tools and identify any obvious faults. With careful examination, we will diagnose the cause of the issue and determine the next course of action.

Step 2: Recommendation

Once we have a clear understanding of the condition, we will provide our expert recommendations for repair.

Step 3: Repair

Thirdly, we will safely conduct any necessary repairs. Our extensive experience means we can fix your tools to a better level of repair, and ultimately improving the life of your equipment.

Step 4: Test and Tag

After the repairs have been made, we will conduct test and tag of your power tools. In order to meet your duty of care and comply with WHS legislation, all workplaces Australia-wide must be able to demonstrate safe systems of work, including electrical safety. There are several different kinds of testing, depending on the type of power tools, and the various risk associated with that kind of equipment.

Why Choose Voltec Maintenance for Your Power Tool Repairs?

Voltec Maintenance is a preventative maintenance company based in Townsville. We pride ourselves on conducting quality repairs and testing to ensure you get the most out of your power tools. If your power tool is not operating, as it should, if it is lacking power or overheats - bring it to us and we will fix it. Regular repairs, maintenance and testing will increase the service life and performance of your equipment. Regular electrical testing and maintenance checks by a qualified electrician will help identify problems with tools before they become unsafe.

The Voltec Maintenance team are your power tool specialists and qualified electricians. Contact us today for all your power tool repairs as an alternative to Lek Tek and Colin Debney Test & Tag.