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How Power Tool Repairs Can Save You Money – Test and Tag Townsville

Posted: May 23, 2022
How Power Tool Repairs Can Save You Money – Test and Tag Townsville

Are your power tools underperforming? Just as everything else does, power tools undergo wear and tear and often require frequent maintenance and repairs. While good quality power tools are designed for long life, if they aren’t cared for properly, it’s unlikely they will meet their life expectancy. Additionally, since power tools are susceptible to being heavily used on a worksite, there is a higher risk of power tools failing or not performing at their best condition. However, many common electrical faults can be rectified to bring your favourite worksite asset to life again at a fraction of their replacement cost. But how can we do that? Good storage and regular maintenance repairs are a key component to extending the power tool’s useable life and delivering more value to its owner. At Voltec Maintenance, we conduct quality power tool repairs and testing & tagging to improve the life of your equipment. 

Test and tag Townsville electrical safety

Test and tag services are conducted regularly to identify any issues with electrical safety before they cause a problem. The power lead is one of the most vulnerable components of power tools. They are wrapped in a plastic coating which can hide internal damage from the naked eye. Our test and tag equipment can determine any issues that can’t be seen from the outside and prevent any faults arising. Most power tool electrical supply issues can be fixed by replacing the power lead or plug. Electrical connectors and elements inside the tool may come loose and adversely affect the tool from time to time. Replacement or repair of these items can be a make or break for the life of your tool.

Learn more about our power tool testing and test and tag services and power tool repair services. Or contact us for any further questions.

Power tool testing and repairs

Most power tools have parts that are specifically designed to wear and be replaced to protect the rest of the components. At Voltec Maintenance, our team can develop your electrical safety and maintenance program to ensure you get the most value from your equipment. Regularly maintaining internal brushes and other components can drastically improve performance and prevent further damage to your motor and your power tool.

How to help extend the life of your power tools and ensure electrical safety

A key component to getting the best value from your tools is proper care and maintenance. Try these methods to keep your tools in the best condition possible:

Cleaning your power tools

  • Use a clean cloth or small brush to remove excess or built-up debris from the housing of the tool before storage.
  • Remove any oil or grease build up.
  • Try using a cotton bud to get in crevices.
  • Utilising an air compressor can also help to get those hard-to-reach spots.

Inspect for damage or wear and tear

  • It is recommended to inspect the whole tool for any damage/excessive wear, or parts that may have come loose during operation. Furthermore, many screws and fastenings can loosen with the vibrations and cause issues with your tool.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate parts that may require it on a regular basis. This will help keep things running smoothly and reduce heat from friction.
  • Checking that any blades, discs or teeth are still sharp will also help reduce vibration and provide cleaner cuts during operation and put less stress on the motor.
  • Look over your power lead for any splits or cuts, exposed wires, or fraying. If you find anything of concern, do not use the tool until you have had it tested and repaired.
  • Check that the prongs on your plug are corrosion free and have not been bent.
  • If you tool is emitting smoke or a funny smell – STOP USE IMMEDIATELY and have it repaired.

Learn more about our power tool testing and test and tag services and power tool repair services. Or contact us for any further questions.

Storing your tools

  • After cleaning, ensure you store them in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated space away from the elements.
  • Protect them from dust and moisture by keeping them in their original casing (if provided) or in a toolbox or chest that seals well.
  • Store them somewhere that is relatively climate controlled and out of the sun.
  • You could always add a moisture absorbing sachet to reduce rust in humid environments.
  • Store your tools manuals in a nearby location to ensure they are readily available. They provide significant information about how to care for and operate your tool safely. It should also have a maintenance guide you can follow to keep your tool in the best condition possible.

Our process for power tool repairs

  1. We will inspect and diagnose all issues with your tool to determine the best course of action.
  2. We will recommend repairs based on our expert diagnosis.
  3. With our extensive experience, we will repair your tools to the highest standard possible.
  4. We will then conduct power tool testing to ensure they are safe and operating well.

At Voltec Maintenance, we pride ourselves on conducting quality repairs and power tool testing to ensure you get the most out of your power tools. If your power tools are not operating, as they should, or if they areas lacking power or overheating - bring your power tools to our workshop and we will performance testing and repairs. Regular repairs, maintenance and testing will increase the service life and performance of your equipment. Regular electrical testing and maintenance checks by a qualified electrician will help identify problems with tools before they become unsafe.

The Voltec Maintenance team are your power tool specialists and test & tag specialists. Contact us today for all your power tool repairs and test and tag needs.